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Twinkle Toes Toe Stops (Bolt On)

Twinkle Toes Toe Stops (Bolt On)

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This Toe Stop is for 5/16" hole, this referred to as blot on or bullseye toe stops . The toe stops fit most industry standard plates. Sold as a pair.

Note: Bolt is not provided with the toe stop as there is no way of knowing which thread type each individual’s skate uses. Recently there have been a lot of new skate companies popping up, all of which are using different bolt sizes and thread pitch. Just reuse the bolt that came with your skates and keep on rollin’!


Formulated from a natural rubber compound designed for high level performance on various surfaces. High abrasion resistance contributes to a longer lasting toe stop.


The bolt-on style toe stop (with the hole in the middle, as shown in images), is only compatible with skates/plates with a bolt-on toe stop design. *This includes Impala Roller Skates, C7 skates, Angel Skates, IB Skates, etc.

Jam Plug Features:

  • 5/16” toe stops
  • Reuse your bolt from original toe stops
  • Sold as a pair
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