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Better Bearing Service Kit

Better Bearing Service Kit

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The Better Bearings Essential Service Kit has everything you need to be a sustainable little skate tech. The cleaning kit is completely free of plastic and drain-friendly with a metal bottle that holds the solution. The solution smells like citrus, but don't leave the bearings in them for longer than 10 minutes because it is powerful! After those bearings are cleaned, you only need a drop of lube in each bearing to protect them from corrosion.  

The kit also includes a pack of 8 Tough Nuts, which come in handy for anyone that treads miles or intensely on their skates. Nuts are easy to lose so it's great to be a savoir with extra nuts to spare for friends or yourself. The nuts are standard and made for 8mm axles. The bag included is a great little drawstring backpack that can be used to hold the entire kit, your tools, or whatever you'd like. 


  • Better Bearing Wash 16oz
  • Better Bearing Lube 0.67oz
  • Better Bearing Axle Nuts 8mm
  • Better Bearing Drawstring Bag
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