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Huck Trucks

Huck Trucks

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Get your hands on the only 3-inch wide trucks truly designed for roller skates! What started as the Supreme truck in the 90’s is now the HUCK Truck. This truck is 100% made in the USA from prime-grade aluminum so you can really trust these trucks to last through high-impact skating of all kinds. Meticulously designed with incredible attention to detail, the Huck Truck is designed to fit several models of skates and plates, taking away much of the guessing game when it comes to compatibility. The truck itself is a 3” wide truck with 5.75” axle lengths, which will accommodate both roller skate and skateboard wheels!


  • Made in the USA
  • Prime-grade aluminum 
  • (4) 3-inch or 2.5 inch wide hanger
  • 5.75” axle lengths
  • COMPATIBILITY: Designed, built and tested for the Sure Grip Avanti plate and Sure Grip Rock plates which are both 10'. The Huck Trucks do fit other 10' plates.

    Examples of 10' plates: Sure Grip Avanti, Sure Grip Rock, Sure Grip Probe, Reactor Neo, Reactor Pro, Sunlite and Thrust (stock plate on Moxi)


  • (4) 3-inch wide hanger
  • Axel Nuts
  • Axle Washers
  • Pivot Cups
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