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Atom Poison Savant Wheels 4PK

Atom Poison Savant Wheels 4PK

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Love Poison grip but want more roll?... Say hello to Poison Savant! Savants are cored indoor wheels and poisons are outdoor wheels. Firmer than the Poison but with a Savant core.

Sold in 4 PKS, please add two to cart for 8 wheels.

Only have green in stock currently.

Features include:

  • Oversized 45mm core
  • 5mm tire with 7mm lip
  • 68 grams per wheel (Over 20% weight reduction compared to Boom Solid Core 59x38)
  • Size: 59mm x 38mm
  • Hardness: Hybrid 84A
  • Surfaces: Slick Surfaces, Indoor
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